“If you’re not in a framed photo with legendary promoter Charlie Brotman on the walls of his memorabilia-packed basement in Takoma Park, (Md) then you just weren’t that big a star in sports and what they used to call show business in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s,” wrote David Elfin in David Elfin on Sports.  

“They’re all there: Vince Lombardi, Elizabeth Taylor, Joe DiMaggio, Goldie Hawn, Ted Williams, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Muhammad Ali, Arnold Palmer, Bo Derek, Sugar Ray Leonard, Whitney Houston, Willie Mays, Sandy Koufax, The Supremes, Joe Namath, Chris Evert, O.J. Simpson, Wilt Chamberlain and yes, Bruce Jenner,” Elfin noted.

“That’s not even mentioning long-time FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover and eight of the last 11 Presidents or the host of local sports heroes,” he continued.

“And at 87, Brotman hasn’t stopped working. He relinquished his duties as the voice of the tennis tour’s stop – the press box at 16th and Kennedy Streets N.W. is named for him – last year and sold his public relations agency in 2011, but Brotman serves as a part-time eminence grise at Reingold Link, a strategic communications firm in Northwest. He also remains the co-chair of the D.C. Sports Hall of Fame selection committee, and hopes to return as the chief announcer of the Presidential Inaugural parade in January 2017, duties that he began handling 60 years earlier,” added Elfin.

(Picture above is Brotman at a Presidential Inaugural parade.)

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