Avid Core has launched in Fairfax, Virginia.  According to a release, Avid Core is a new strategic communications firm focused on responsible and sustainable development of large infrastructure projects.

The release added that Avid Core “develops and implements effective strategic communications plans to help connect their clients with the people that matter most. Avid Core’s experienced team has a proven track record in all aspects of communications and public outreach with experience working on homeland security, transportation, education, and natural resource projects.”

“Avid Core is launching as a small, nimble team working on big, complex issues, and we’re hungry to sink our teeth into new challenges,” said Virginia Quiambao, (right in photo), partner and chief operations officer. 

“When we decided to establish Avid Core —more than six months ago—there is no way we could have predicted this was the environment we’d be launching into. But in times of uncertainty and crisis, it’s important to take control of the things that you can. For us, this means launching Avid Core and introducing ourselves to the world,” said Amanda Roberts, (left in photo), partner and chief marketing strategist.  


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