Award-winning photographer Cade Martin, and blogger and Capitol Communicator Media Strategist Geoff Livingston traveled to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, to photo journal the Day of the Dead festival. Known locally as the La Calaca festival, the event celebrates the lives of past ancestors with celebrations, “muertos” costumes, shrines, church services, and live arts performances.

“I’ve been visiting San Miguel de Allende since I was a little boy and actually got married there so I was very excited about photographing the Day of the Dead, ” said Cade. “For the project, I wanted to set up a photo booth and create portraits of existing faces with the hopes of photographing real inspiring locals. The faces and outfits are extraordinary and it would be neat to try and capture some of the spirit of the La Calaca festival.”

Cade Martin’s portraits will be released in the next few weeks.  (Cade Martin also photographed all the people in Capitol Communicator’s “up close and personal” Profile series.)


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