Dear Readers,

When we look back at 2004, it sounds like ages ago: George W. Bush was elected to his second term as president, Joe Gibbs came out of retirement to coach the Redskins, and there was no such thing as an iPhone.

For us, 2004 was the start of something exciting and new. It’s the year we started the DC Communicator.

Things just kind of fell into place. Paul had worked in a bunch of different fields — advertising, public relations, marketing, design and production. He had helped build a company to bring all these sectors together, something we now call integration.

It’d been an exciting and hairy ride.

But nothing seemed to cover all these disciplines — at least not locally.

Around that time, Paul met Phil Rabin, who’d been a columnist for the Washington Business Journal and PR Week, and we instantly had a meeting of the minds. We thought why not start something hyperlocal that covered the huge communications community in and around Washington?

Fortunately, our respective employers were very supportive. And so we started a monthly newsletter. In the beginning, it was a two-man moonlighting operation.  We compiled a list of top stories we thought folks in the DC-area communications world would want to know, pooled our contact lists, and hit the send button.

It was an instant hit. Overnight, we amassed hundreds of readers. Today, those numbers don’t sound like much, but we mapped our success in positive feedback as much as metrics.

It seemed we’d really hit a sweet spot. DC-region communicators were hungry for news about who was doing what in their many-headed industry.

Of course, over time things changed — a lot. “Monthly” went the way of the flip phone, we became a weekly, thousands of you signed on.

And, oh yes, the Internet became a really, really big deal. So we teamed up with the web pioneers at R2i and started a website. And we changed the name to Capitol Communicator.

That’s when things got really crazy. Rising to the needs of our community, we delivered news and info 24-7, with continual updates. We added lots of new bells and whistles – like a calendar of events, Insights for thought leadership pieces, cool videos, and, of course, plenty of photos. Over time, we made popular features even better (check our cool Profiles), jettisoned others to make room for the new (stay tuned).

We also created some very big events that thousands of you have attended. The Mid-Atlantic Marketing Summit, the Baltimore Marketing Summit, the Convergence in Communications Conference.

Now, as we celebrate our 10th birthday, we are also welcoming yet a new generation of Capitol Communicator to adapt the changing needs of all of you.  We’re more digital than ever and more visual than ever. We’ve completely overhauled the look and added new features to make it easier for you to quickly find exactly what you’re interested in. Along with our new digital partner, Bluetext, we’ve created a very improved experience for all of you.


And so we begin again, reigniting the old flame that got us started. If anyone wants to know how to keep the love alive after 10 years, just take a look at our new site. Hopefully, you’ll feel refueled too.

All Best,
Paul Duning, Publisher

Phil Rabin, Editor

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