“The interesting part of Chryssa Zizos’s business is unleashing people’s potential, reports The Washington Post.  According to a Post piece, she trains clients “to overcome their fear of public speaking, demolish their weaknesses and expand their horizons — at a nice, four-figure fee per tutorial.

“After smashing barriers for them, she is now going to do it for herself. Her Arlington-based Live Wire Media Relations is launching a software business that allows people to train themselves to be polished public speakers.

““I’m 46. I am at the peak of my career,” Zizos said. “Never been smarter. Never been healthier. Never been happier. We are doing this.””

The Post also stated that “Zizos is working with a division of Mumbai-based Tata Industries to license software to corporations. It uses artificial intelligence and algorithms to customize media lessons to each user.”“The camera on your laptop and computer will scan your head, neck and shoulders and will record your speech or presentation in real time, and the computer will provide you real-time feedback,” she said.

“It’s important stuff. You aren’t going to get far up the corporate ranks if you can’t master public speaking

“The software will be sold in licensed batches.

“Most of Live Wire’s revenue comes from traditional public relations, which means getting clients good press. Nearly $1 million, almost a third, comes from her corporate media training.”

You can read the Post piece here.

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