Following a complaint by Comcast, the Better Business Bureau has recommended that DirecTV discontinue its ad campaign featuring Rob Lowe, because the satellite television provider could not substantiate many claims that were being made in their commercials, reports DC Progressive.

The DC Progressive report also stated that DirecTV claims in the ads that its service has signal reliability of 99%, as much as 1080p HD programming, better sound and picture quality than cable, more programming of sports than rivals and shorter wait times to reach customer service than its cable competitors. The ad also says DirecTV was rated the No. 1 company in customer satisfaction.

Further, the report stated:

“These ads feature Lowe playing a number of versions of himself. At the end of each commercial, the normal version of Lowe tells the listener not to be like him and get rid of cable by upgrading to DirecTV.

“In the majority of cases, the review board for the national advertising division of the Better Business Bureau agreed with the complaints from Comcast and urged that DirecTV pull its ads or make modifications to them.”

In response,  noted the story, “The ruling is being appealed by DirecTV that its ads were deceptive. In a prepared statement, DirecTV said it was continuing to believe that the ads starring Rob Lowe are so exaggerated and outlandish that no consumer would believe the statements made by the alter-ego characters would be comparative or have the need to be substantiated.”


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