For many advertisers, “there are many opportunities for advertisers to connect and engage with U.S. Hispanics once they understand the diversity of this community and what matters most to them. It is an essential strategy for brand growth,” states a Univision item in Adweek.

“Let’s begin with a snapshot of this group. In the U.S., the Hispanic community trends young; 58% of Hispanics in the U.S. are under age 34. More than a quarter of all multicultural people across the country are Hispanic and under the age of 18—these are individuals who are still forming their buying habits and brand affiliations.

“Trending alongside its growth in numbers is the group’s economic impact. U.S. Hispanics’ annual buying power is expected to exceed $2.5 trillion in the next two years—that growth is double the rate of non-Hispanics, according to the latest census figures. And as a group, U.S. Hispanics’ GDP is expanding faster than those of Germany, U.K., France and Japan.

“For Hispanics, their language and culture are embedded into their identities. Understand and respect this, and there is a golden opportunity for brands that are willing to learn how to approach and connect with this audience.”

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