Earlier this year, we hit a remarkable milestone, reports AdAge, when, according to eMarketer, “Americans now spend more time staring at the small screens in their pockets than the large ones in their living rooms. That’s because there’s no screen more personal than the mobile phone—which makes it both easier and more important than ever for brands to create relevance for their audiences.”

How can you ensure your brand is worth talking about? To break through the clutter, marketers must rethink how they approach their content strategy. According to AdAge, there are three things to master, including: “When you say something is nearly as important as what you say. Brands that can identify relevant opportunities to connect—whether it’s a sporting event, an awards show or breaking news that captures everyone’s attention—have a distinct edge.

“A study by MAGNA and Twitter shows that a brand’s cultural relevance accounts for 25 percent of an average consumer’s purchase decisions, and that brands perceived as more relevant are seen as more inclusive and authentic.'”

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