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Geoff Livingston: Consumers Want More Than Discounts This Holiday Season

by | Dec 1, 2014

By Geoff Livingston, Capitol Communicator Media Strategist

Ho Hum, It’s CyberMonday

Have you had enough of the consumerism yet? The holiday sales season has already dominated the Internet, TV and your email box for weeks on end. All of the early sales efforts have created a fatigue of sorts.

Analysts anticipated a less then stellar 2014 Black Friday through the Cyber Monday sales period for big-box and online retailers. It feels like Black Friday, while still the heart of the sales season, lacks the import of yesteryear. Even this year’s Cyber Monday seems hum ho.

How many people have seen too many one-day flash sales and are no longer wowed? Apparently quite a few. Retailers are expected a zero-sum increase in shoppers during this year’s four-day span.

Some retailers are hoping immersive customer experiences can change the winds. J.C. Penny is engaging in a blend of creative marketing and PR to build a new lens for customers. Efforts include GivingTuesday and holiday cause marketing with partner the Boys and Girls Clubs of America; as well as a series of local takeovers, like a coffee truck takeover in Seattle.

Many customers who are unimpressed by their favorite brands’ attempts at holiday sizzle will just hang back and wait for the right deal. There are so many options now – including Gray Thursday (which still rankles my sensibility of Thanksgiving as a day for Everyone to take off).

People want more. They want a loyalty program to give them an exclusive deal. But most retailers don’t have the deep marketing automation experience and software necessary to deliver. So the deal bait continues.

Personally, I wrapped up about 2/3 of my shopping before the holidays began. I dislike the pressure of holiday consumerism, as well as the big dent of one month of shopping on my bank account. So now I can simply pick and choose what to buy.

Oh, by the way, it really is Cyber Monday. Shop away.

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Geoff Livingston is president of Tenacity5 Media (http://tenacity5.com) and an award-winning online marketing strategist. Geoff provides content, social media and copywriting services, and loves to create big moments online that generate significant attention and new customers. A former journalist, Geoff continues to write and has authored five books. He is also an avid photographer. You can talk with him on Twitter at @geoffliving.


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