Cord cutters, people who have opted out of standard cable TV subscriptions, and Cord Nevers, people who never had any standard TV subscriptions to begin with, have different tastes in streaming platforms and shows, reports Adweek, which added:

“This is according to the latest Cord Evolution study from GfK MRI, which addressed streaming attitudes and behaviors from 10,000 people across the United States. Cord cutters have an average age of 43 and account for 8 percent of the U.S. population; cord nevers are younger, at an average age of 34 and represent 9 percent of all U.S. consumers.

“Over half of the cord nevers are millennials, ages 18 to 34, but just 35 percent of cord cutters are millennials.

“This chart breaks down the differences between each group’s 10 favorite streaming-only shows. Of note is that the cord cutters all prefer shows on Netflix, while cord nevers have favorite shows from multiple platforms.”

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