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Cravety to Host “Center of Experience” Workshop at MAMS

by | Feb 13, 2020

What You Need to Know About the New Framework to Connect CX, EX, and Brand

It is hard to escape figures and statistics emphasizing the importance of creating great experiences for your customers. Those same sources have also begun emphasizing the necessity to start at the employee level, which offers a more sustainable advantage in a marketplace that is increasingly competing primarily on experience. This combination of customer and employee experience can be referred to as brand experience.

Although most organizations understand the importance of both customer and employee experience, few have connected the dots in a meaningful way and operationalized great CX and EX. This can be a daunting set of steps and requires  many teams to work much more closely together than they have traditionally.

To help organizations down this path, the team at Cravety has created what we call the Center of Experience. This is a set of processes and other guidance that helps a company set up a center of excellence around customer and employee experience without reorganizing and disrupting the normal flow of business. Instead, it demonstrates how to enable people, processes, and technologies to create an experience-led organization.

Ed Bodensiek, CEO and I, Greg Kihlström, President & Chief Experience Officer at Cravety will present this concept at the Mid Atlantic Marketing Summit (MAMS), giving practical ideas and insights on how organizations can combine customer and employee experience, with the measurable results CEOs, COOs, CHROs, CXOs, and CMOs most care about.

Attendees will learn about the components that make up a holistic experience practice combining Customer and Employee Experience, as well as how CX and EX are planned, implemented, measured, and improved in an organization.  Finally, we will share the relationship of different teams within an organization that create a successful experience movement, and how to get them to work together effectively.

The Center of Experience allows companies to take a realistic yet comprehensive approach to creating amazing brand experience, which provides benefits for employees, customers, and the bottom line of the organization.

In a discussion about organizational culture and employee experience, I  interviewed Traci Schweikert, VP Human Resources of POLITICO about maintaining a strong company culture amidst growth. You can here this interview in the following podcast:

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