Are you the one?  This is an incredibly unique and special opportunity: you will be our first ever Creative Director.  Our CD will be a great writer, but one who recognizes that words aren’t always the answer.  They’ll be a top talent, but someone who may or may not have a ton of experience in video.  Our CD will be gifted in working with our staff to grow to new creative heights through their bold vision, while at the same time honoring Storyfarm’s respectful and harmonious culture.  And our Creative Director will know the difference between commerce and art, and the art of picking your battles.  We are video production company looking for the right person to guide our creative growth.   We’re a busy shop, juggling 30-50 live client projects at any given time.  And we do things differently than most who’ve come before us and many of our contemporaries.  We’ve been growing steadily since our founding in 2010, we now have a full-time staff of 12.  We own almost all the gear we use.  And we use freelancers very rarely.  What this means to you is that you will have a committed full-time team, dedicated to helping you succeed in your role.  We have a CEO/Executive Producer, a Production Director, a Director of Photography, 5 cinematographer/editors and 4 motion designers ready to help you elevate our work and our client list.  We’re not a full-service ad agency and we have no intentions of every going that direction.  All we make is video, and because that’s what we want to do and we do best, that’s all we will ever make.  No logos, no websites, just videos.  Most of our work is for web playback, while 20-30% of what we do is for broadcast TV.  We tell clients we do as much of the creative as they’d like, anywhere from 0-100%.  We can concept, script and storyboard from scratch, we can execute someone else’s plan, or any level of collaboration in between.  Sometimes we serve as a trusted partner for ad agencies.  More often we’re working directly with Marketing Directors to create content that helps them achieve their goals.  Your role will be to work with all facets of our company: business/client development, creative concepting/scripting, oversight of all creative work, professional development of our staff, client relations and more.  This is not an executive role.  You will be doing lots of real, day to day things.
-Responsible for all creative operations including staff supervision and work production. Directs the activities of subordinates to maintain the Storyfarm’s standards of creative excellence, timeliness, and profitability, while achieving the clients’ goals.  An experienced presenter. Senior-level client contact.
-Insures the timely development and execution of plan, campaigns, and projects to assure earnings, growth, and profit goals are achieved.
-Provides leadership/motivation and conveys the vision and values of the agency to staff.
-Oversees creative consultations with account teams to assure appropriate creative strategies, adequacy/accuracy of input, schedules, budgets, production support, necessary reviews, and client presentations.
-Trains and supervises assigned staff; oversees their execution of all creative efforts to insure they are on strategy, on budget, and on schedule.
-Participates in the new business efforts as directed.
-Works with CEO to ensure the CEOs vision of Storyfarm’s culture, creative, and revenue growth continues
Benefits: Storyfarm employees get full healthcare (minus co-pays), vision, dental, disability, workers comp benefits.
About Us: Storyfarm is an award-winning video production and animation studio based in Baltimore’s waterfront Fells Point neighborhood.  We make web videos and TV commercials for a broad spectrum of clients in just about any industry you can think of.  Founded in 2010, Storyfarm is an entrepreneurial business, working daily to be the best video partner of the best brands.  We have 12 people full-time currently, and are excited to continue our growth.

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