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Current Wikipedia Chaos Index

by | May 10, 2023

By Josh Greene, The Mather Group

The Chaos Index is The Mather Group’s proprietary metric for measuring turbulence throughout Wikipedia and tracking the community’s current sentiment towards corporate-related pages. The index measures community actions such as editing frequency, content deletion, message board posts, and many other activities that contribute to unstable corporate page environments.

  • This month’s Chaos Index sits at 68, a slight increase over April, and matching normal patterns of activity we typically see heading into Q2 every year.
  • Articles for Creation wait times and pages nominated for deletion saw an uptick this month – though we’ve not seen an increase in the percentage of pages deleted by Wikipedia (either new or existing), these are both trends we are watching in the next few months.
  • After a small respite to begin the year, sockpuppet investigations continue at extremely high levels for the third month in a row, a prescient reminder of the handful of dedicated editors fighting vandalism and promotional editing on the platform.

As an open platform, Wikipedia is always home to interesting, experimental tools – not only those designed to help the platform operate more efficiently, but to utilize the platform’s open, accessible data and statistics to have a real-world impact on the world.

Recently, scientists from the National History Museum developed a new tool called the Species Awareness Index (or SAI) as part of a study published in Conservation Biology. The SAI is designed to help monitor biodiversity through real-time tracking of Wikipedia pageviews, monitoring 40,000 different species across 10 popular Wikipedia language editions.

Originally designed in 2015 as a static tool to measure society’s changing interest in different species, the SAI is now designed to monitor monthly trends in the pageviews of various species – a function heavily inspired by the Living Planet Index, measuring changes in vertebrate population over time. This index, which the authors hopes will provide a “global index of changing biodiversity awareness”, is the first entirely automated conservation culturomic platform, and another great reminder of the sometimes-unseen potential Wikipedia can provide for all of Earth’s creatures.

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