Data analytics and customer experience (CX) design firm Cravety has completed its purchase of product partner MotiveX.

According to a press release, Cravety’s flagship product, Motivator Insights, helps organizations improve productivity and retention by “uncovering what intrinsically motivates employees, the correct starting point to activating employee engagement.”

Motivator Insights captures and generates comprehensive and revealing data at various levels—by employee, manager, teams, divisions and company. Using the product’s actionable intelligence, customers can work with Cravety’s consulting practice or any of its partner consultants to design a compelling employee experience (EX).

“When employees are truly motivated, they make a critical decision to engage at work,” said Cravety Founder Ed Bodensiek. “These engaged employees are less likely to make mistakes, call in sick or quit. Instead, they become loyal brand ambassadors, and help to create desirable customer experiences. This ultimately helps to fuel a brand’s growth and profitability.”

The Motivator Insights engine was developed by experts in employee motivation, behavioral psychology and predictive analytics. Bodensiek said it was built on three years of research, scientific validation and beta testing among Fortune 1000 enterprises, including Accenture, DuPont, Johnson & Johnson, Mercer and PepsiCo.

Following the acquisition, Matt Johnson, founder & CEO of MotiveX, joined Cravety as chief product officer.

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