Cade Martin, the photographer behind Capitol Communicator’s Up Close and Personal profiles, has focused his attention on Neil Armstrong’s Apollo 11 extravehicular visor, which was worn during Armstrong’s first steps on the moon, July 20, 1969.

Cade told Capitol Communicator that “sometimes you make photographs and your eyes behind the camera are just a little bit wider.” Despite the fact that 50 years have passed since Armstrong’s moon walk, Cade said “the awe of what it meant to put a person on the moon remains fresh, the shine of Armstrong’s visor undimmed. Objects that have traveled to a place we can all only summon through grainy footage can still spark a collective pride, promise and wonder.”  Armstrong’s visor is housed in the Smithsonian – which Cade said is an American treasure that houses American treasures – and Cade’s photo is on the front cover of Smithsonian magazine..  He said the project was a collaboration with one of his favorite creative collaborators, Jeff Campagna, who has been featured in an Up Close and Personal profile

Bluetext announced that the Plastics Industry Association (PLASTICS) selected the agency as its design, marketing, and brand agency of record for NPE2021: The Plastics Show. NPE2021 is the industry’s largest and most influential plastics trade event and is held every three years in Orlando. Bluetext is designing the show’s logo, brand look and feel, website, and collateral, and is creating and executing the go-to-market campaigns to attract exhibitors and attendees to the event.

GoCanvas in Reston, VA, named Nick Mirisis as its chief marketing officer.  According to a release, Mirisis brings two decades of experience in cultivating highly-targeted, results-driven marketing and growth strategies to GoCanvas. Previously, he led the marketing team for SaaS-based company Dude Solutions, shepherding growth from $1M to over $100M in Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR).

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