D.C.’s film and media production world reeled upon hearing that Discovery Communications, an early pioneer that made the D.C. area a hub for media production and documentary-style filmmaking, was decamping for New York City, reports Washington Business Journal, which added that “Discovery’s presence in Silver Spring has long led to an outgrowth of other film and production-related businesses in the suburb just across the D.C. border. The corporate giant — along with other big media companies in the region, such as National Geographic — had spawned an ecosystem of businesses that feed off of it, running the gamut from marketing-focused firms to postproduction houses to companies that conceive and produce shows they hope to sell to those vaunted networks.

“Beyond what it does to those individual business portfolios, Discovery’s departure leaves behind an unmistakable void in the market on both the supply and demand side for those types of services. And it left many smaller shops wondering what this means for their bottom lines going forward. “

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According to Cary Hatch, CEO of MDB Communications in D.C, “Ouch! This impacts how people perceive Greater Washington—our momentum as a region and as a welcoming corporate destination. We need to intensify our efforts to retain our stellar roster of regional brands (Hilton, Nestle, Marriott, etc.) and come together to market our collective assets to attract new corporations. The need for regional collaboration has never been more apparent or necessary.”


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