Destination D.C. will partner with Wechat, a major Chinese social media tool, to attract more Chinese tourists. “By expanding our partnership with WeChat, we are able to communicate with potential Chinese visitors on the platform they use most. We can also enhance the visitor experience for more than 300,000 Chinese travelers who visit Washington, D.C., every year,” said Elliott Ferguson II, president and CEO of Destination D.C.. As part of the partnership, Wechat will help businesses in Washington set up official accounts on its platform, create Wechat mini programs, and plug into the Wechat Pay system, to better serve Chinese tourists.

Lucky Break Public Relations & Marketing is expanding into Washington, D.C.Austin and Chicago. Founded in 2010, Lucky Break Public Relations is a full service public relations, strategic marketing and digital media firm headquartered in Los Angeles, CA.  Leading the D.C. office is Ashley Mason-Greene who, according to a release, brings a decade of experience in hospitality, lifestyle and travel PR having overseen major campaigns for travel destinations, luxury travel products and health and wellness brands.

Word from Bluetext is that Seegrid, the automation company powering Amazon, GM and Whirlpool, has chosen chosen the D.C.-based agency as their North America PR Agency of Record.

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