D.C.-based Design Army has released this  “fashion film that tells the story of the family behind Georgetown Optician — a fashion eyewear retailer with three boutiques (in the D.C. area)— in a quirky, creative way with a high-fashion sensibility. Shot in a historic mansion in Maryland horse country by director Dean Alexander, the film tells the story of three characters — Isaac, the father; Irene, the daughter; and Ivan, the son. Design Army created the concept and storyboard; cast actors and voiceover talent; provided direction for styling and costuming; designed the set and built props; and oversaw every last detail of creating the film, including post-production color grading.

“From the film, Design Army crafted digital and print ads showcasing the quirky characters, creating a sense of whimsy with an strong fashion tone. To complete the rebrand, Design Army helmed a social media takeover, aligning the company’s social media channels with the new fashion voice and giving them a uniquely creative, ownable feel — with shareable original content — that helps the retailer position itself as an arbiter of style and taste.”

The video already has generated significant exposure, including being covered in Adweek and other outlets.

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