Design Army’s Pum Lefebure is featured on the cover of HOW‘s international design annual, which “examines how the cities we live and work in color and define our work—and how designers themselves define their cities.”

In addition to her prominent position on the cover, the magazine profiles the D.C.-based Lefebure, who co-founded Design Army‘s with her husband, Jake, and is the firm’s ‎chief creative officer.

The story, in part, states:

“On any given day in the Design Army office, projects are created through collaboration, and not always in English. Lefebure often speak Thai with one team member, while others are discussing a project in French. Each designer has come to Design Army with ideas from around the United States and all over the world. Besides English the one language they all have in common is drawing. Even with all of the contemporary design technology at their fingertips, Design Army begins each project with this decidedly analog process. “Everything starts as sketch first. We don’t go on the computer. It is never about what font or what color. It is always ‘What is the idea?’” says Lefebure.

“In addition to taking a pencil to paper, Lefebure insists that all projects begin with each team member bringing in their own independent ideas. “It is important for each designer to go into their zone and start dreaming. You dream alone, you don’t dream as a group. A lot of agencies sit down and start together. We don’t do that. That is not how designers think. We dream separately and we come back and talk about our dreams. We ask, ‘Does this dream connect with this dream? Can we group this into a story together? Can we make it good?’ Then we dream together. Everyone has to sketch. Everyone has to contribute.”

“Lefebure admits to being discerning on what projects Design Army is willing to take on. “We only take clients and projects that we want to take in. I am a firm believer that you cannot do epic shit with basic people. We just can’t. My time is valuable.”

“Next Design Army is looking to expand and start a production company to be able to execute all of the elements of their epic photo shoots and video production in house. The Lefebures see it as a studio and as the heart for creativity in D.C. At the 10,000 square foot warehouse Design Army will have enough space to rent photo studios and host events. “When you think about Design Army we are creative, but we are also collaborators with other people: photographers, filmmakers, the music industry, fashion, modeling agencies. Moving forward you can’t just be in your own little world. You need a network of interesting people. What this place is going to do is broaden our reach as a center for the D.C. community.””


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