OUTFRONT Media Inc., announced that it that it has partnered with the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (“WMATA”) to debut a digital advertising pilot program within eight Metrorail stations – a first of its kind for the D.C. Metro area.

The 72″ digital flat-panel, wall-mounted displays feature interactive HD split-screens, which show advertisements and also provide real-time customer information, including train arrival and departure times, as well as station and local area maps with dynamic navigational guides.

Jeremy Male, chairman and CEO of OUTFRONT Media, said, “Digital displays are changing the media landscape. With our partners at WMATA, we are able to enhance the riders’ journey, and allow our advertisers to reach consumers during their commute in a sleek and seamless way.”

Digital advertising displays have been installed in 10 high-circulation downtown locations, including Pentagon Station and the Metro Center Station.

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