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Don’t let Wikipedia ruin your day. Wikipedia gets over 400M visitors a day, ranks in the top three for most searches and powers Google’s top right search results for CEOs and Companies.

Wikipedia has a unique language and culture that can be extremely challenging to navigate.

Eight Ways that Wikipedia Can Ruin Your Day

  1. It can get edited at any time, by anyone
  2. False information
  3. Biased information
  4. Controversies get made into GIANT AMOUNTS OF TEXT
  5. Your user account and/or IP address can be banned
  6. The CEO sees something they don’t like
  7. The press is on the phone and pulling data from it
  8. Disgruntled Employees can take out their frustrations

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About The Mather Group

The Mather Group is a digital agency based in Vienna, VA. We focus on driving results that help grow your business. We’ve spent 20+ years across a variety of industries, managing budgets of over $5 Million per year.  Some of our current clients are Invincible Boats, Mobomo, and Wyebot.

About Josh Greene

Josh Greene is the CEO for The Mather Group.  

Prior to The Mather Group, Josh  was the VP of Marketing for both 1-800-PACK-RAT and Zippy Shell where he was responsible for all marketing including online, offline, and the launch of national television campaigns. He also has worked at Discovery Channel, Time Warner Cable and


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