Facebook and LinkedIn have been sued for allegedly violating Zoom users’ privacy by “eavesdropping” on their video conferences, reports Digital News Daily.

The post added that the federal lawsuit, filed in California by Todd Hurvitz, “also alleges that Zoom violated users’ privacy by sharing data with outside companies.

““Facebook eavesdropped on, and otherwise read, attempted to read and learned the contents and meaning of, communications between Zoom users’ devices and defendant Zoom’s server without the users’ knowledge or consent,” Hurvitz alleges in a class-action complaint brought in the Central District of California.

“The company allegedly did so “in order to gather users’ personal information and amass increasingly detailed profiles on Zoom users.” LinkedIn also allegedly “eavesdropped” on conversations “in order to harvest users’ personal information.”

“Hurvitz adds that Zoom and LinkedIn “surreptitiously provided certain Zoom users with the personal information of other users even when the victim users proactively took steps to hide their identities.”

“Zoom has been hit with several privacy lawsuits in the last few weeks, as well as a lawsuit by investors. But Hurvitz’s lawsuit appears to mark the first time Facebook and LinkedIn have been sued for allegedly receiving information from the video conferencing platform.”

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