quintly,  a web-based social media analytics tool that helps users track and benchmark their social media performance,  released a study that analyzed 105 million posts of 94,000 Facebook profiles.

At the outset, the study states: “It goes without saying that Facebook is part of most people’s everyday life. Yes, it’s popularity might have reached its peak but no marketer should ever underestimate the effectiveness of the blue dinosaur.”

According to a release, the most interesting discovery was that “though links are the most frequently used post type, they aren’t relevant when it comes to interactions. Link posts receive 72% fewer interactions than video posts. Besides that, quintly compared the interactions on weekdays and weekends and found out that interactions are 13% higher on weekend posts.”
The main findings of the study are:
  • 55% of all post types are links
  • BUT video posts receive 258% more interactions than link posts
  • Image posts in second place and tend to receive 105% more interactions than status updates
  • Weekend posts receive 13% more interactions
Many more aspects such as fan distribution, length of posts and reaction usage are analyzed in the free study.
You can get the quintly report here.


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