It may not seem like a huge sweets holiday, but the Christmas candy season really is, states an item received from, which added that you will come to the same conclusion when you think about “all the baking and decorating and making fun crafts with kids that happens in the weeks leading up to Christmas.

“How many candy canes will you hang from your tree? Do you decorate snowman cookies with sprinkles and peppermint candy? Well, a lot of people do, ok. 🙂

“And it all adds up.

“We spoke with the National Confectionary Association, and they estimate that holiday candy sales will be $1.93 Billion this year. That’s for the 8 weeks leading up to Christmas – because holiday shopping, as we know starts that early. That’s a 2% increase over last year, which the NCA attributes to improved economic conditions and extra time. There’s one more day between Black Friday and Christmas. Thanksgiving is on the early side this year.

“The National Retail Federation projects that the average consumer will spend $110 on candy and food, which is twice as much as they’ll spend on decorations.”

If you want to see the favorite Christmas candy state-by-state, click here.

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