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Five things every great landing page needs to have

by | May 10, 2023

By , Response Labs

Landing pages are crucial elements of any digital marketing campaign. These pages encourage users to take specific actions that would convert them into a customer or a subscriber. At Response Labs, we recognize that a landing page is a critical juncture point of a digital marketing campaign where a lead or prospect could either disappear or further engage with your brand. When working on omnichannel campaigns for our clients, landing page design and functionality is always a key part of the conversation. Read on for the five things every top-performing landing page should contain.

We work closely with our clients to help them create the most effective conversion landing pages that always include a combination of compelling design elements, strong copywriting, and strategic marketing tactics to name a few. We focus on taking a holistic approach to landing pages whether we’re assisting with design, helping with the overall page strategy, or providing strategic testing recommendations to our clients.

Clear and Compelling Headlines

Let’s face it, we skim webpages more often than we read every single word. Headlines should always be clear and compelling – they should capture the user’s attention and convey the purpose of the page. A good headline is also concise, typically not running longer than 20 words, and focused on the benefit the visitor will receive from your product or service. Use your headlines to make your article easy to skim instead of fighting against the trend, so that your reader can quickly find the information they want.

A Strong Call-to-Action (CTA)

CTAs are essential to converting visitors into customers or subscribers and should be prominent on the page. A strong CTA will typically be a button featuring noticeable, contrasting colors and be located “above the fold,” meaning it is clearly visible as soon as the page loads.

CTA language must be clear and specific on the action the user should take. Good CTAs will tell visitors exactly what they can expect to receive by clicking that button, for example, “Download Now” for a piece of content, “Get Started” to begin the process with a new platform, or even “Sign Up” when signing up for a newsletter. We help clients figure out the optimal CTAs for their content by conducting A/B tests that measure click-through rates, or what color combinations generate the most clicks.

Relevant and Engaging Content

Content is the heart of any landing page and should be designed to engage and educate visitors. The same can be said for how RL approaches our omnichannel support for our customers. We look at the overall goals of our clients to ensure content is aligned across the board. And we leverage insights from other platforms or marketing campaigns to inform our clients’ landing pages. For example, if customers repeatedly mention a specific feature of a product that customers love, we’ll help clients create landing page content that celebrates that feature more prominently. We always ensure our client’s goals are met by looking at campaigns holistically so that we can tell the full story.

Social Proof and Trust Indicators

Social proof and trust indicators are becoming increasingly important for companies to build credibility and trust with visitors. We work closely with our clients to help them determine the best ways to display some of their key trust indicators like reviews, testimonials, awards, and certifications. These efforts can be as straightforward as including customer testimonials on the landing page, or as elaborate as analyzing our clients’ data to find compelling statistics on how well their products or services perform that we can share on landing pages.

Mobile Responsive Design

More than half of all internet traffic comes from mobile designs. Much like how RL focuses on mobile responsiveness in email, we help our clients ensure their web pages are designed to meet mobile specifications. It is essential to cater to desktop and mobile clients, so we work to provide robust testing environments for both. It’s part of our process to complete detail-oriented Q/A reviews of our clients’ work, web pages included, on a variety of devices and platforms.

Landing pages can be a make-it-or-break-it moment along a customer journey. To help our clients build seamless and compelling omnichannel campaigns, we always consider the role that landing pages play in those efforts. Whether it’s supporting CTA testing or identifying more compelling copy for a landing page, we provide holistic insight to our clients. If you need help taking your landing pages to the next level, reach out to Response Labs to learn more  – we’re here to help!

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