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Fueling Smart Design: How ExxonMobil Transformed Its Recruitment App With Bates Creative

by | Aug 17, 2015

Adobe is pioneering experiences in the digital communication sphere with its newly launched Digital Publishing Solution (DPS 2015), which is the next generation of the original DPS platform.

The Original “Working at ExxonMobil” App

 ExxonMobil, a leading Fortune 100 multinational oil and gas corporation, recognized the potential of the original DPS toolset in early 2014 when it was searching for a compelling avenue to recruit new employees to its community. ExxonMobil partnered with Bates Creative in early 2014 to develop the “Working at ExxonMobil” app in the original DPS platform to target potential employees during its summer 2014 recruitment season. Since the app was launched in 2014, it has served as a catalyst for the ExxonMobil Human Resources team.

While ExxonMobil’s original DPS app has been in the marketplace since late summer 2014, the announcement of the revamped DPS 2015 platform sparked an interest in the ExxonMobil recruitment team to explore how the upgrades could evolve the app’s user experience.

Evolution of User Experience with DPS 2015

Bates, an Adobe Business Solution Partner for DPS, worked with ExxonMobil to fuel the transformation of the “Working at ExxonMobil” app using DPS 2015 in beta. ExxonMobil and the Bates team had collected and studied user analytics of the original app over the past year and developed a new digital strategy for re-imagining the app with smart design in the new DPS 2015 platform.

A New Dynamic of Design

With DPS 2015, Bates had the capability to leverage and enhance the design of the original app while meeting ExxonMobil’s goal of complementing the experience users have with the company’s website. Perhaps the most drastic change in design aesthetics with the updated platform is the addition of a sleek browse page that serves as the new opening page for DPS 2015 apps.

The new browse page presents users with the flexibility to select what articles within the app they want to download without downloading the entire app at once. Simple navigation in the upgraded ExxonMobil app tours users through the browse page, social pages and dynamic video libraries. The new app is not as rigid in the way that menus open and close, but instead has a nice polish that guides users back to featured sections.

In addition, Bates and ExxonMobil took advantage of the added broad support for HTML. Bates converted certain articles into HTML to leverage the responsive nature of DPS 2015. These articles can now be viewed seamlessly on tablet, phone and desktop. Future plans have been established to convert more articles into HTML files, but ExxonMobil’s current priority is to customize the delivery of the app’s content for users. Even with all of these upgrades, the team was able to trim down the file size of the new “Working at ExxonMobil” app from 383 MB to 281 MB.

Beyond ExxonMobil: A Crossroad of Content and Code

The ExxonMobil recruitment team now has a fresh and stunning app just in time for the company’s 2015 recruitment season. Recruiters can use the app for meetings and presentations to share deep information about the company, its practices, mission, employee job roles and benefits with prospective recruits. The fluid and conversational content speaks to current and potential employees alike to answer any questions regarding the culture, functions and global energy policies of ExxonMobil.

The redesigned “Working at ExxonMobil” app is currently available to the public in the Apple App Store and can be downloaded for iPads and iPhones. A version for Android is currently under consideration for development.

The official launch of Adobe DPS 2015 presents brands a clear path to the crossroad of publishing content and creating interactive mobile experiences, enabling them to bring stories to life in new and more flexible ways. For more detailed information about the new features and capabilities that Adobe Digital Publishing Solution offers, visit the Bates Creative blog post, “Digital Publishing Evolves Again with Adobe DPS 2015.”


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