Millennials often get a bad rap for killing off conventional products like fabric softener and mayonnaise, but their successors, Gen Z, are about to blow up something even closer to home for many readers, reports an AdAge article, it’s the marketing organization as we know it.

That’s because Gen Z’s expectations for the digital experience are anything but traditional, continued the AdAge post, which added that this generation has grown up “fully connected to the web. Their tech fluency is establishing a new digital standard, and brands and agencies will have to find new ways of engaging with this generation if they’re going to remain relevant.

“Finding those new forms of engagement begins with the way Gen Z interacts with the internet, an area where they expect to see major changes in the near future. Gen Z believes the following technologies will be incorporated into digital experiences within the next five years: AR/VR (78 percent), voice (79 percent), biometrics (80 percent), virtual digital assistants (72 percent) and AI/machine learning (ML)-powered sites (79 percent). For marketers, getting ahead of these expectations and implementing the right strategies is crucial.”

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