Geoff Livingston, president of Alexandria, VA-based Tenacity5, photographer and author, released his new novel Perseverance. According to Livingston, “the sequel to my first novel Exodus, Perseverance is 160 pages, but don’t let the length fool you. It escalates into non-stop action crescendoing in an epic battle. In fact, you may hate me by the end of it because I kill off some favorite characters.”

According to Livingston, “a couple of folks who read Exodus told me what they thought of Perseverance. Here’s what they had to say:

““Geoff has dove into fiction writing like a dog after a bone,” said Author and Entrepreneur C.C. Chapman. “While the first book was fun, he took it up a notch with this one. The characters are more developed, the action more fierce and the story line much richer. You’ll end the last page filled with an urge to know what comes next and angry that you have to wait to find out!”

“”Exodus really set the stage for the trilogy and introduced several of the key characters,” said Margie Clayman, an avid reader and media professional. “Perseverance delves more deeply into significant characters and also more deeply into humanity, showing how normally rational and good human beings can be inspired, ultimately, to do things they’d never have dreamed of doing before.”

You can order the book in print on Amazon here: and on the iUniverse site here:

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