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Google AMP Speeds-Up Mobile Viewing

by | Nov 22, 2016

The introduction of Google’s new Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) project is revolutionizing mobile as we know it. AMPs feature redesigned HTML code that sacrifices a little technical functionality of a page in favor of enhanced speed and better distribution.

By giving AMP articles a section of their own in Google search, this new method of distributing content has enormous potential for publishers.img_2912
In fact, according to Google, AMP is an open-source initiative with the goal to “improve the entire mobile content ecosystem for everyone–publishers, consumer platforms, creators, and users” (ampproject.org). The logic goes that content that loads fast will spread fast, and people tend to stay on the page longer if it loads quickly.

Modern technology is raising the standards for speed, accessibility, and usability for content on all platforms. AMP—like a race car stripped down for performance—provides an efficient way to accommodate the rapidly growing number of mobile users. It is a new vehicle for bringing your content to people using mobile devices of all kinds.

Back-end Benefits

Accelerated Mobile Pages utilize many unique features that help promote high-speed and high-performing mobile content. These features include:

Rich Media

Despite its simplified HTML, AMPs still support diverse media types such as videos, social media, advertising and analytics. They can load in all browsers and applicati
ons, just like any other web page.

Cloud Capability

Load time is further decreased through cloud storage, provided by Google at no extra cost. Cloud storage also helps frees up space on company hardware to go towards other projects.

Open Source

The open source nature of the AMP project lets people of all backgrounds and platforms contribute to the code and help enhance development. Being an open sourced platform (think WordPress and Drupal) also means the code is available to everyone for free.

Existing Web Technologies

Because AMP HTML is built through an already-known development process, publishers can relatively easily familiarize themselves with AMP specifications. With the help of a skilled developer, the WordPress AMP plugin can also be introduced to support AMP pages.


AMP vs. non-AMP content on mobile

See AMP in Action

Try the links below to see AMP vs non-AMP content (you can do this on mobile or desktop):

AMP version vs. Non-AMP version

If you still can’t see the difference, here are the results from PageSpeed Insights by Google:

AMP results vs. Non-AMP results

AMPs importance in the growing mobile industry should not be underestimated, because speed matters in the mobile age. The instantaneous effect that AMPs produce is unparalleled in the mobile arena. Speeding up your page loading time can contribute to increased conversions and decreased bounce rates, and if you are involved with marketing or communications, you should be monitoring these measures closely.

AMP Up Can Be Stepping Stone to Mobile

If you’re not ready to fully redesign for the mobile landscape, AMPs also provide a simpler transition from web to mobile, while still enhancing the user experience. The simplified design gives posts a streamlined and professional look, providing a news outlet-worthy feel to the content of any organization.

And for organizations working with communities worldwide, not only do you have the chance of increasing your search ranking, but AMP could also be a great solution for getting content to low-bandwidth internet users.

Whether you’re a nonprofit association or government agency, having lightning-fast, high-quality mobile content will boost your online presence and broaden your site reach.

Google’s AMP project is constantly evolving and changing, but the goal remains the same: to make mobile exploration easier and faster. The mobile web ecosystem is a huge player in today’s technological environment, and improving mobile will improve your organization’s communication and marketing strategy, and boost your reputation as a whole.

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