“GOOGLE HAS BECOME so much more than than a white webpage with a text box. We interact with Search, Maps, Android, Gmail, and a dozen other Google products, in countless ways for countless purposes. More than ever, Google is ever-present in our lives. It can be scary, especially when you remember the company knows more about us than we know about ourselves”, states WIRED.

This, continues the WIRED story, “explains Google’s new logo. The company wants you to think of it not as an all-knowing, all-powerful entity, but as a benevolent guide to this new world, one that considers humans, not machines, the most important thing.

“The bold new logo preserves the old logo’s most recognizable element—the famous blue-red-yellow-blue-green-red color sequence—but presents the company’s name in a bespoke typeface called Product Sans inspired by schoolbook letter-printing. The new wordmark will replace the one that’s appeared above the search box since 1999, but it’s much more extensible, too. Google also introduced a suite of sub-logos, like a four-color ‘G’ icon that’ll dot the Google app on phone homescreens, and a microphone icon that guides you through voice search. It’s a self-described“simple, friendly, and approachable” design.

If you have thoughts on the new Google logo, let us know.

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