Hello, my name is Matt Smith. I started my ad agency, SmithGifford, more than 16 years ago to do “Good Work with Good People.” I didn’t then (and still don’t) care about the size of an account or whether an idea comes from the client or my agency, as long as the work is good and done by good people. It’s a simple idea that I can say all day long and it still holds up.

Now, I’ve decided to take it one step further.  I want to spread that simple mission to all of the D.C. metro area, and in conjunction with Capitol Communicator we’re going to promote great work by local agencies. Not my work, but YOUR WORK and any good work from agencies in our area.

I’ll provide commentary on the work and the admiration and words will come from my heart – unedited and true – questionable syntax and all. My hope is that spotlighting good work will inspire more good work and, most importantly, maybe find good work in unexpected places. It’s out there/here.

Right now, someone in the deepest basement of some grey, soulless government building is cranking out a beautiful submarine map that is a perfect example of great work. On the other extreme, some client, agency, or whatever type of company we’re all trying to make up a name for to avoid being called an ad agency these days, is doing something amazing—a website, TV spot, video or general disruptive campaign. I want to see it and say something GOOD about it.

This is about the good in all of us. Let’s face it, it’s all too easy to bitch about the bad, and guess what, bad begets bad. But I believe in all my heart that GOOD BEGETS GOOD.

Please feel free to email me your good work. If I see good work out there, you may be surprised one day to see it here. This is genuine and something I truly believe will be good for us all. Thanks to all of you who get the idea and decide to play along.

You can email me at Msmith@smithgifford.com.

More later.

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  1. Danny Fell

    Great idea Matt. You’ve always been both innovative and willing to put your time into seeing an idea through – in this case one that celebrates good work that does good!


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