D.C.-based crisis communications firm Levick is looking at a restructuring –- including layoffs –- following a duo of high-level departures, reports The Hill.

The Hill report, in part, also stated:

“Former Rep. Connie Mack (R-Fla.), who has been an executive vice president with the firm since September 2014, told staff he would be stepping down from his role, a person familiar with the firm said.

“Management also announced during an all-staff meeting on Friday that there would be layoffs, though it’s unclear how many.

““The beginning of 2016 has made us seize the opportunity to consider how we can best reorganize and adapt to the needs of our growing client base,” the firm’s founder and CEO, Richard Levick, told The Hill through a spokesman. “As a result, we have restructured arrangements with some employees while others will be moving on to other opportunities.”

“While there will be layoffs, some other employees will be working for the firm on a contract basis.

“Mack is the second high-level departure in as many months. The firm’s former president, Mark Irion, stepped down in January. Irion, who joined Levick in 2013 after serving as the CEO of Dutko, had worked to expand Levick’s lobbying business.”

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