By Kevin Boyce, CEO of Higher Logic

Our hearts go out to individuals and communities that have been affected by the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). As COVID-19 concerns grow, conferences and in-person events are being cancelled left and right to protect people and “flatten the curve” of this virus.

Zendesk Relate, SXSW, the National Comprehensive Cancer Network, SaaStr, Association of University Technology Managers, Facebook F8…the list goes on, from small meetings to huge conferences.

But instead of cancelling outright, some companies are opting to take their events digital, like Adobe Summit, Zendesk Relater, IBM Think, and Google Cloud Next.

We’re encouraging organizations to adopt a similar approach: With the technology available to you, you can deliver meaningful experiences and engagement to your attendees until you can safely hold large in-person events.

To make this a reality, we’re stepping in to help. We issued a press release sharing our solution (available in full here).

In brief, the solution we’re providing is this: If COVID-19 is forcing you to cancel your event, consider taking it virtual. We’re offering a free program, Event Engagement, to support your virtual event, before, during and after it happens.

I want to share more about why we’re doing this and how you can maximize the opportunity.

Using Community to Maximize Engagement at a Virtual Event 

With tools you may already have access to, like Zoom or GoToMeeting, you can host a live event. But the hosting platform is just one part of the picture.

These tools can help you get your speakers in front of your audience, but it won’t help you recreate those special networking opportunities you find at in-person conferences and events.

Leverage our solution, Event Engagement, to help you incorporate the beauty of casual networking and collaboration back into your virtual event.

If you’re not familiar with using community, we’re here to provide strategic guidance on engaging your audience before, during, and after your virtual event. Here are some ideas for how you can use community discussions and the resource library to help you with your virtual event:

  • Pre-record your sessions.Since your audience may not be available for a full day of conferences, consider pre-recording your sessions and giving your audience the freedom to watch them on their time. Invite them into the community for a discussion that can last over a few days.
  • Invite speakers to do AMAs. Arrange for speakers to be available during a certain window of time and run ask-me-anything (AMA) discussions in the community.
  • Share all follow-up resources in the community. Continue to engage attendees even after your event ends. They can discuss ideas with each other, ask for notes on sessions they couldn’t attend, and find all presentation materials in one place.

Your Virtual Conference Will Be Successful

Coronavirus was unexpected and pivoting on your event after months of planning is likely not something you prepared for. It’s normal to feel some anxiety about this.

However, with the help of solutions from Higher Logic, you can work through these uncertain times and deliver a truly engaging event. We hope that our support helps you re-invent your live event.

Please contact us about this opportunity at the link below:

Enhance Your Virtual Conference with a Free Event Community


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