By The Cyphers Agency

To most, the ugly sweater craze seems to have popped up out of nowhere over Cphers Ugly 2the last few years. But, would you believe us if we told you it had a longer history than you probably thought? While the reason for ugly Christmas sweater popularity is up for debate, we do know that the trend began back in the early 2000s thanks to two guys and their idea for a theme party. It took a while for the craze to catch on, evidenced by the popularity spike over the last three years.

At The Cyphers Agency, we value trends for everything they bring to our world of advertising
Ugly 3and marketing. Whether it be in campaigns on social, agency PR, print ads, etc., the ugly sweater trend is one we make sure to honor in Annapolis annually.

From the start of our Ugly Sweater celebrations in 2010 to now, you can see how the trend has evolved.  This year we decked the halls with decorations and donned ugly and tacky sweaters to show our appreciation for the beloved holiday trend.

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