Maryland is losing one of its two major television productions, reports WBAL radio.

According to the WBAL post, the Los Angeles Times reported that the HBO comedy “Veep” will move its production to Southern California to take advantage of expanded tax credits.  “Veep” has filmed four seasons in Maryland, both in Baltimore and in Howard County.

The WBAL report also included the following:

Keeping “Veep” and the Netflix drama “House of Cards” in Maryland has been the focus of recent debate among lawmakers in Annapolis regarding the future of Maryland’s film tax credit, which is set to expire on June 30 of next year.

Late last year, the Maryland Department of Legislative Services issued a report saying lawmakers should let the program expire, because vying for film projects can become competitive and also unpredictable for states.

Supporters of the tax credit say the goal of the program is not to make money, but help Maryland’s economy.

The state provided $62.5 million in tax credits between fiscal years 2012 and 2016, mostly for two shows – “House of Cards” and the HBO program “Veep.”

This year, lawmakers voted to extend the tax credit indefinitely, but allowed the governor to have greater discretion in spending the money.


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