ICF International, Inc., which is based in Fairfax, Va, launched ICF Olson which, it stated, is “a full-service marketing agency purpose built to address the new realities facing clients today.”

A release added, in part: “Built via a series of acquisitions of best-in-class agencies beginning in 2012, ICF Olson is uniquely focused on the intersection of creativity, technology and strategy in areas such as experience management, loyalty and CRM, digital platforms and strategic communications. And ICF Olson’s deep expertise in data analytics is able to inform strategies in ways that make those capabilities even more potent.

“With more than 800 employees across 14 offices throughout the United States, Canada and India, it ranks as one of the top 50 agency companies in the world by revenue.

“ICF Olson features unmatched expertise across the spectrum of marketing services, with recent major accolades including being named a “leader” in loyalty and CRM by Forrester Research, Public Relations Agency of the Year by PR Week, and Adobe Marketing Cloud North American Partner of the Year, as well as having received 27 Effie Awards –the marketing industry’s highest accolade for effectiveness- for its individual brand campaigns.

“The agency boasts a flexible structure that allows it to lead and deliver work as a comprehensive, end-to-end client solution, but also through four best-in-class agency teams. These are Olson (digital, advertising), Olson Engage (PR, social media), ICF Olson 1to1 (loyalty, CRM), and ICF Olson (digital- and technology-enabled platforms and solutions).”

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