Helen Sullivan, APR, PRSA Fellow, conducted raffle drawings for charity in memory of IPRA member Vicki Lovett Robb, who passed away in September.  The drawings were held during the Independent Public Relations Alliance (IPRA) holiday party and more than $400 was raised for the Truro Church meditation garden in Fairfax, VA. The party was at Brio restaurant in Tysons Corner, Va.

In addition to her work in public relations, Robb was author of “Me & Jimmy!: Tales of A Junior Staffer in the Carter Whitehouse”.  According to Amazon, “Me and Jimmy! features the adventures and, mostly, misadventures of Vicki Lovett, the youngest and arguably most colorful member of First Lady Rosalynn Carter’s personal staff in The White House from 1977 – 1981. Becoming fast friends with the President’s sons, Vicki got to see The White House from a perspective few have ever known or imagined. From killing the First Bird (accident) to having her new handgun shipped to The White House (on purpose), the cheerleader from Georgia kept things stirred up. On her journey from the campaign trail to the White House, Vicki had few dull moments, such as: smoking pot on the Peanut Brigade, hanging out with the New York mob, chaperoning Hollywood stars, to inadvertently (some claim) causing the Tinneamean Square massacre. Propelled forward by her amazing boldness, but held back by her debilitating insecurities, Vicki collected accomplishments and disasters by turn in her four-year adventure in the highest profile address on earth.”


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