PR agencies have set their sights on the chief marketing officer as they’ve expanded out of their earned-media comfort zones and added capabilities in video production, data and analytics, social media and creative, reports PR Week, but companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Uber and McDonald’s have eliminated the CMO position.

According to PR Week, Russ Klein, CEO of the American Marketing Association, notes that some responsibilities once held by the CMO “have splintered off to other executives. One reason: the amount of marketing that is now driven by data and digital technology.

“”Only 40% of a corporation’s marketing-related activities today report to the CMO,” Klein says, citing a study led by University of Texas professor Leigh McAlister, the former director of the university ’s Marketing Science Institute.

“That means chief information and technology officers are getting more of the marketing pie. It’s also prompted the rise of the chief experience officer as companies try to adopt a design-led sensibility to marketing. The title usually goes to experts in a company who are devoted to product development and innovation and digital and customer loyalty, as well as digital and multichannel marketing.”

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