Even in the worst of times, a smile and a laugh can go a long way to heal the human spirit, states JibJab, so the brand is bringing back its Year-in-Review video.

After a six-year break, JibJab’s 2020 Year-in-Review video “offers a comical look back at everyone’s least favorite year, while reminding us just how resilient the human spirit is in the face of remarkable adversity and change. From Brexit and the president’s impeachment to the arrival of COVID, the Tiger King and murder hornets – this video crams a year’s worth of calamity into one minute and thirty-six second,” says JibJab.

According to the company, “JibJab made the conscious decision to stop producing these videos in 2014 but felt compelled to bring this beloved video back in 2020 to offer a bit of levity to a challenging time in our lives.

“Founded in 1999, JibJab has been through it all! From dot com booms and busts, recessions and wars, to elections, national scandals and now a global pandemic, JibJab’s catalog of Year-in-Review videos are digital yearbooks showcasing our favorite (and not so favorite) memories, people and happenings from the past.”

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