LMO Advertising is launching its new website, www.LMO.com, as part of its rebranding efforts to communicate the company’s culture and expertise. LMO’s team of creators was challenged with sharing the agency’s big personality in a concise, yet compelling manner.

“Turning the mirror on ourselves and capturing the essence of who we are, while adding in the amazing work we do with our family of clients, was no easy task,” according to Sherri Anne Green, LMO’s director of marketing. “Our team has been collaborating and toiling for months, shaping the many elements of LMO into an interesting and meaningful visual story.”

The process began with LMO’s marketing department guiding the website strategy, essentially becoming its own client. With support from LMO’s creative and digital departments, stated a release, the marketing team took the new brand color palette of orange and gray, and combined it with the brand’s subtle artist brush strokes. The team built upon this by including large-scale imagery that illustrates LMO’s personality, while striving to reach the overarching goal of maintaining a clean, flat design.

The joint team took a more innovative and authentic approach to featuring the talent at LMO by using character photos that show off individual interests and passions instead of using traditional corporate headshots. Client work samples can be accessed by scrolling into categories of work, such as travel and tourism or recruitment. This functionality makes it easier for users to find the most relevant work samples.

“LMO.com now accurately depicts the diversity of our people and our years of great work,” said Dave Marinaccio, LMO chief creative officer. “As we like to say, interesting lives lead to interesting results.”

LMO, a Capitol Communicator sponsor, used HTML 5, Javascript, jQuery, and Expression Engine CMS platforms to build and sustain the site, ensuring usage across multiple platforms. .

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