The head of the online advertising trade body the Interactive Advertising Bureau is urging marketers, ad agencies, tech firms and media companies to take responsibility and help prevent the spread of fake news online, reports the Wall Street Journal, which added:

“Speaking at the IAB’s annual leadership meeting in Miami on Monday, IAB President and Chief Executive Randall Rothenberg called the industry to action on fake news, which he said represents a “moral failure.”

““If you do not seek to address fake news and the systems, processes, technologies, transactions, and relationships that allow it to flourish, then you are consciously abdicating responsibility for its outcome—the depletion of the truth and trust that undergird democratic capitalism,” he said, according to a copy of his address.

 “The IAB counts over 600 major online ad-related companies in its membership, including online ad giants Google and Facebook.

“Mr. Rothenberg suggested advertising and media companies should carefully examine their business practices and those of their partners to ensure their activities aren’t helping to fund or otherwise support the “crisis” of fake news.”

Read the full WSJ story here.

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