Fairfax-based Marketing Nice Guys, founded in July 2020 to help businesses and individuals excel at digital marketing, has launched a new service – Marketing Help Desk – aimed at providing best-practice guidance and support for do-it-yourself entrepreneurs, small businesses and marketing organizations that might not have the budget or resources to hire a full-time expert.

“We believe that our new Marketing Help Desk will provide businesses the right amount of support they need, customized to them, with a mix of strategies and tactics that will help improve the quality of paid campaigns and any of their digital marketing initiatives,” says Boney Pandya, co-founder of Marketing Nice Guys.

Businesses have three options:

  • The Solopreneur package – for do-it-yourself solo entrepreneurs.
  • The Small Business package – for established small businesses that may have a small marketing team or friends and family that help do their marketing.
  • The Firm package – for larger businesses with marketing organizations who need oversight and help to improve the quality of paid campaigns and marketing efforts.

Businesses will receive support in the form of:

  • Consulting calls with experts
  • Live chats and help desk tickets
  • Monthly campaign audits
  • Quality checks on campaigns
  • Ongoing marketing training on best practices

“The Marketing Help Desk goes to our mission of helping businesses and individuals excel at digital marketing,” says Tim Ito, Marketing Nice Guys co-founder. “We believe it will be a game-changer to improve practices and marketing performance for the companies that use it.”

Packages start at $399 per month.

“We created the company after seeing that a lot of companies not implementing best practices from a digital marketing standpoint,” Ito told Capitol Communicator. “We felt that, by providing marketing training and marketing operational support services (as well as full-service consulting) for those businesses, we could help them improve their practice and their results.

“The name itself comes from a previous client that said: ‘You’re nice guys. Like Marketing Nice Guys.’ And the name stuck,” Ito said.

In addition to the Marketing Help Desk, Marketing Nice Guys provides full-service marketing consulting operational support, corporate marketing training, professional SEO audits, paid media campaign audits, public bootcamps and training for individuals.

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