Mention Mars Inc. to your average consumer and they might know the company makes popular candies like M&Ms and Starburst, reports Adweek, which added that it’s less likely they’ll know that Mars is also a big player in the pet-care industry, not just with brands like Iams and Pedigree “but through chains of animal hospitals and emergency veterinary providers. And fewer still are the consumers who can name Mars’ holdings in the wellness and nutrition arena, including CocoaVia, a dietary supplement derived from cocoa flavanols.”

“This relative corporate opacity is to be expected. Not only is Mars privately held—the $35 billion company is actually among the largest private concerns in the United States—but its best-known brands represent merely the most visible portion of its corporate iceberg. Historically reticent to speak to the media, Mars’ low profile extends to the fact that its McLean, Va., headquarters lacks a sign out front.

“But Mars has been slowly emerging from its candy shell. The latest evidence of that is an updated brand identity, a suite of visual assets the company is revealing today including a new typeface and color palettes applied to new logos for Mars’ confectionary and pet-care divisions, plus a new brand icon.”

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Photo: Adweek

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