It began several years ago when the DC Lottery launched scratcher tickets that were named and designed after DC’s neighborhoods. The campaign, created by MDB to support the tickets, led with a :60 tour de force that painted a romantic and touching picture of DC’s neighborhoods and its people. It tapped into the fabric of the community.  Now, the DC Lottery and MDB are doing it again.

This time, the DC Lottery is going to the streets with 2-0-2 and DC Flag Scratchers.  And MDB has created an advertising campaign that features a hip, gritty: 30 TV spot that captures the pulse and rhythm of DC and the many ways that people here express what they feel about The District through music and dance. See the TV spot here

“This campaign is about the beat of the city.  When people see this, they’re immediately drawn into it. It gets them going,” says Richard Coad, Chief Creative Officer for MDB. “The energy in this spot is infectious.  It starts out hot and goes up from there.”

“Neighborhoods celebrated DC the place. This really celebrates the people,” said Nicole Jordan, Director of Marketing and Communications for the DC Lottery.

“We can’t wait to see it in market,” said Carole Reuschle, MDB’s VP, Media Director.  “Look for a fully integrated campaign – Television, Radio, Out-of-Home and Digital.  Let the dancing begin!”

See campaign highlights here.


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