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Meeting people where they are: 3 ways Response Labs support and engages staff

by | Dec 21, 2022

Let’s face it, “work-life balance” is a complicated concept. Everyone has their own definition of what this means based on their own personal-professional goals and life circumstances. Balancing employees’ obligations at work with everything they have going on outside of work has been a critical, and evolving, challenge companies have had to navigate—especially over the past several years. The dramatic changes to life and work brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic have pushed all of us to reflect deeply. And these cultural shifts have pushed folks looking for talent in today’s environment to re-evaluate if and how they help employees, both current and future, attain these concepts. There’s always room for employers to grow and improve their policies and practices. In this article, we’ll share what works well for our team.

Many jobs transformed as a result of the pandemic. Many employees changed their expectations of what employers should provide. Employees in some roles and sectors experienced working remotely or in a hybrid setting for the first time. Some finally felt like they could more openly share the “non-work-related” challenges that inevitably impact work (childcare or mental health to name a few) because those things were literally on display during Zoom calls with colleagues. And employers saw this hit a tipping point as the “Great Resignation” floodgates opened across many industries.

Another concept sparked by the Great Resignation is the idea of eudaimonia, a Greek word that translates simply to “happiness.” People are not leaving jobs solely because of wage or benefits issues, but for the pursuit of happiness. That might mean a happier work environment or more fulfilling job, or a role that better allows them to experience happiness outside of work. Whatever phrase you want to use, we can all agree that there has been a significant shift for many working professionals.

What employees want…
and what can happen if employers don’t listen

According to a recent survey by Indeed, the top 3 things that make employees feel happy at work are:

  • Feeling energized and motivated by their tasks.
  • Feeling like they belong in their workplace and company.
  • Feeling like they have a clear purpose for being at work.

Companies that don’t reflect on how they support and motivate employees with external (financial) and internal (purpose and autonomy) levers risk:

  • Losing talented employees who will find another employer who supports their needs more fully,
  • Struggling to recruit talent in a landscape where candidates in some industries may have more negotiating power than ever.
  • Recruiting people who feel compelled to engage in “quiet quitting,” a concept where an employee does the bare minimum to keep their job and essentially forces work-life balance boundaries in doing so.

3 ways Response Labs engages and motivates employees

Remote and hybrid work flexibility

Our agency has always focused on the notion that talent comes first vs. location, and for Response Labs, the pandemic did not have a large effect on business. Remote and hybrid models have always been part of the agency, so there have always been plans in place to give employees the training and trust they need to get their jobs done well. Today, some of our team works fully remote, and those near our office spaces work three days in the office and two days remote.

Recognition and feedback

Our team commits to ensuring employees are acknowledged and rewarded for a job well done all year round. Formal recognition is a key part of how management and co-workers operate. During our semi-annual performance reviews, anonymous peer feedback (both positive and constructive) is provided to every employee. Throughout the year, staff can also nominate colleagues whom they feel have done outstanding work supporting initiatives or colleagues for our quarterly bingo ball drawing; three selected winners get to choose prizes like a Nespresso machine or a date night.

Making professional development part of work hours

Our team has many terrific leaders and we take pride in being an innovative, best-in-class company. Professional development is at the forefront of Response Labs because we understand the importance of keeping up with the latest and greatest trends and growing in our careers. All employees at Response Labs are tasked with spending 10% of their hours each week to professional development or further education in whatever areas are most relevant to their work or interests. This time can be spent reading books or articles, taking online classes, or participating in webinars. We recognize that providing opportunities for professional development that don’t require time or effort “outside of work” makes professional growth more achievable for our team.

Want to Work With Us? 

As a team obsessed with innovation and creativity, we look for people with leading-edge perspectives and skills. If you’d like to work with some of the nerdiest minds in digital marketing, check out our openings: https://www.responselabs.com/about/#careers

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