Last month, TorchLight Hire, a DC-area marketing and communications search and staffing firm, conducted a quantitative market study to gather insights from their candidates and clients on the emerging remote work environment resulting from COVID-19. The report, entitled “Navigating the Remote Work Model in the Pandemic Economy” covers important remote work topics ranging from productivity and collaboration to returning to the office, future employment choices and many others.

The report offers interesting (and some surprising) results from DC-area marketing and communications professionals regarding their current work-from-home experience:

  • Despite the many quarantine-related challenges, a majority of respondents (74%) feel very positive about working from home.
  • Most feel they are more productive working at home, with 93% reporting they work either the same or more hours.
  • Flexibility regarding work schedules and onsite/offsite work options has become a must-have for retaining valuable employees—and attracting new ones.

TorchLight’s full report details these and many other key insights to help you identify areas of focus and opportunity with your colleagues, teams and managers, as we head into the next phase of working during the pandemic—whether you continue to work from home or return to the office.

To download a copy of TorchLight’s report “Navigating the Remote Work Model in the Pandemic Economy,” Click Here.

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