So what happened to the ratings of NBC Nightly News following Brian Williams being suspended? Well, they are up, at least for now.

According to, Nightly News posted week-to-week gains in total viewers  –  up 7%, translating to 673,000 viewers), the news demo (11%, or 262,000 viewers), and among 18-49 year olds (up 9%, or 147,000 viewers) – the week of February 16.

The report added that “CBS and ABC evening newscasts also were up, across the board, week to week. But ABC and CBS newscasts didn’t have to pull their anchors while the network investigates disputed claims he’s made over the years. The NBC broadcast, ably anchored by Lester Holt since NBC News suspended Williams for just that, averaged more than 10 million viewers for the fourth time this season.”

Obviously, future ratings will indicate if this trend continues but, for the moment, there’s probably relief at NBC that viewers did not abandon the show when it was announced that Williams was suspended.



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