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Capitol Communicator reports that a new Agile Brand Guide helps marketers create more effective content at scale with Generative AI.

New Agile Brand Guide helps marketers create more effective content at scale with Generative AI

by | Nov 7, 2023

By Greg Kihlström

The latest book in its Agile Brand Guides series educates marketers
on how to create text, image, and video content using
artificial intelligence-based tools and platforms

While there is a lot of conversation around artificial intelligence (AI) and its potential applications in marketing and customer experience, there are still more question than answers around how to use it effectively. Within this realm, Generative AI tools that create text, images, or even music and videos are increasingly being evaluated and used by marketing professionals.

There remain several aspects to consider when utilizing these tools, however. What is the best way to create scalable content that still stays true to a brand, what about intellectual property concerns? What should be disclosed to customers about the origins of content used for marketing purposes? These and many other questions should be top of mind for marketing teams, in addition to exploration of many benefits, which include the greater scale and personalization that Generative AI tools can provide.

In this latest book in the best-selling Agile Brand Guide series, the successful planning, implementation, and optimization of Generative AI-based tools and platforms is explored. The Agile Brand Guide: Generative AI by best-selling author Greg Kihlström gives marketing professionals a solid overview of the space in a short guide format. The book features a foreword by Bernadette Nixon, CEO of Algolia, and contributions by thought leaders from Optimizely, Pega, Infinum and others.

Drawing on Kihlström’s experience working with top organizations, and his ongoing conversations with leaders in marketing and customer experience as part of his award-winning podcast, The Agile Brand with Greg Kihlström, this guide provides insights and ideas that both beginning and seasoned leaders can utilize to be successful in evaluating and implementing Generative AI solutions for their teams, and it includes insights and interviews with some of the thought leaders in marketing and customer experience.

The Agile Brand Guide: Generative AI is available in print and as an ebook from Amazon and directly from The Agile Brand website at https://www.agilebrandguide.com

The international best-selling book series providing marketing leaders and aspiring leaders an overview of key marketing concepts, platforms, and trends in three hours or less.

Previous Agile Brand Guides explore Customer Data Platforms (CDPs), Customer Journey Orchestration (CJO), and the fundamentals of Agile Marketing.


About the Author

Greg Kihlström

Greg is a best-selling author, speaker, and entrepreneur, currently an advisor and consultant to top companies on customer experience, employee experience, and digital transformation initiatives as Principal and Chief Strategist at GK5A. He is also the host of The Agile Brand with Greg Kihlström podcast.


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