Be in the printed 36th Annual Yearbook of Experts, Authorities & Spokespersons and help the news media find you, know your expertise and know how to reach you.  According to PR Week, it’s a “dating service of PR.”

Key Benefits:

NewsReleaseWire:  Push technology for your news releases — pushing your news out ten ways including Google News. Plus blog syndication to pull your posts and push syndicate.

ExpertClick Press Room: Designed for SEO with inbound links from tens of thousands of other member’s press rooms and news releases – driving inbound links to your website.

Results members get:

* News media interviews. Journalists love the system for they know our experts have “skin in the game,” welcome interviews and respond to inquires.

* Pick up of your releases by other sites, including Google News.

* Search Engine Optimization. You get inbound links to your website from your postings. Many members have 100,000-plus page views.

You’ll be in good company – we screen very carefully who we let in and that ensures trust in the network.

* Badges and buttons. You can share links to your ExpertClick press room and Platform speaker bureau on your site – adding verification of your expertise.

* Testing ideas to get comments – Members validate the value of their ideas and concepts they are working by sharing news releases and blog posts – and get response to fine-tune their ideas.

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