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PDA, No I mean PCA in the Age of Context: A Book Review

by | Sep 26, 2013

By Debbie Friez, Tech Editor

Where is technology taking us? Possibly, the age of context? Authors and technology enthusiasts Shel Israel and Robert Scoble tackle this subject in their new book, The Age of Context: Mobile Sensors, Data and the Future of Privacy.

It’s doubtful that many Capitol Communicator readers are the kind who will shy away from technology, but there are those who do opt-out. Scoble and Israel work to show how technology can enhance our lives. New technology, like Google Glass, uses the forces changing your experience including mobile, social media, data, sensors and location. All of these forces are available to more people than ever before, allowing the technology to grow and prosper.

Do you remember your first personal digital assistant (PDA)? Mine didn’t connect to the Internet, unless it was hooked to another computer. But, my change from paper to technology was seen as progressive and scary to some. Scoble and Isreael describe several personal contextual assistants (PCA) which make my PDA look like an ancient book. They review the many privacy concerns that come along with merging so much information. Readers are cautioned to consider opting-out some of the time in the interest of privacy.

I quite liked the epilogue, which describes a reunion in 2038. It gives the reader insights into the authors and sprinkles in a little humor.

The Age of Context is available on Amazon. We’d like to hear your thoughts? Do you agree with their view on the future of personal technology?

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